The Republic of Helios


The Republic of Helios is a science fiction novel, I wrote, that is both about the terraforming of Mars and the setting up of a new government, an improved government, the Republic of Helios. The Republic of Helios is both an adventure in space and a novel of ideas. All that has to be accepted is teleportation devices have been invented and that the words of Spinoza be accepted as showing how Spinozists act. All else follows logically. Republic of Helios is not escapism but I hope you find the novel entertaining and can entertain the ideas on government found in the book. The Republic of Helios is on Smashwords and other e-book outlets and also on Kindle.

About Thomas Berry

I was correctly diagnosed with schizophrenia decades ago. That diagnosis would no longer apply now. Being on disability I had a lot of time to read. I mostly read philosophy about which I became very disenchanted. I also came to the conclusion that academic philosophy was not the harmless puzzle solving activity that academic philosophy appears to be. I was amidst a personal apocalypse and could not relate at all to apocalyptic entertainments. I also had an early love for science fiction. The Republic of Helios combines my disenchantment with academic philosophy, my repulsion at apocalyptic entertainments with my love for science fiction. Do I believe there is a Spinozist group amidst the West? I do. Academic philosophers, who reason endlessly, have no place to run to except Spinoza. Republic of Helios can be found at Smashwords and other web retail E-book outlets.