Adjusting antipsychotics in a short term mental hospital or at home?

Psych ward

If a seriously mentally ill relative is a danger to himself or others then the authorities must be called very hopefully a team trained to deal with mental health emergencies will answer the call.

Strange is not necessarily dangerous. Giving the seriously mentally ill individual some space can solve a whole lot of problems.

In short term mental hospitals given the diagnosis is schizophrenia and the individual is over 25 basically the only goal of the hospital is to get individuals stabilized on medications. The dosages will be high. There really are no other goals other than med stabilization.

The point is that in short term hospital meds are being adjusted and not much else. If the authorities had to be called the experience will be profoundly traumatic for the entire family including the ill relative. Despite the trauma if the seriously mentally ill relative is a danger to himself, herself or others the authorities have to be called.

That there are not more long term beds in hospitals is a good thing but even if this was a bad thing still there are no long term beds in mental hospitals available. The authorities are not coming to take the ill relative away for more than a few weeks. The ill relative is likely coming home after a very traumatic experience.

Meds can be adjusted at home. The key to an ill relative taking medications is the ill relative deciding to take medications. Giving the ill relative a lot of decision power over what meds he takes and at what dosages increases the chances he will take medications. Safe for himself or herself and others even though still strange even quite strange has to be viewed as a win when the diagnosis is schizophrenia. Low dosages are much better than no dosages. Keep the ill relative from posting on the Web.

Giving the ill relative as much decision power as feasible and giving the ill relative space in which he could be strange is the optimal strategy. Will this work every time? No.

Something for parents to consider when deciding whether on not to have guns in the house

Adam Lanza’s mom, who was a gun enthusiast who owned at least a dozen firearms, use to take Adam, of Sandy Hook infamy, to the shooting range

A child could grow up having severe psychological problems. Guns and psychological difficulties are a terrible combination. Every parent wants their child to become a well balanced young adult but that does not always occur

In 80% of school shootings, perpetrators got their weapons from family members. Parents not having guns in the house could reduce mass killings by sons. Plus their small children would not shoot themselves and other small children.

The sensible old days when there was a continuum of care for the mentally ill

Parts of the continuum of care provided to the mentally ill prior to de-institutionalization. That dastardly President Kennedy undermined the continuum of care for the mentally ill when he signed the Community Mental Health Act.



Apparently a sauna room

Madness an Civilization by Michel Foucault in a nutshell

Michel Foucault

Over the last 400 hundred years the basic flaw in human in nature has been characterized in various ways and there have been different improvement regimes for the mentally ill depending on what was held to be the basic flaw in human nature.What ever was wrong with people was tripily wrong with the mentally ill. What ever improvement regimes were recommended for people were tried on the mentally ill to the point of torture Torture in one form or another has for the last four hundred years always been countenanced for the mentally ill. Madness and Civilization is shallow history given weight by an obscure writing style which is not to say that Foucault was wrong.

What did Michel Foucault do for the mentally ill? Zip as far as I can tell. He wrote Madness and Civilization, acquired a mantle of liberator and then advocated that thousands of different resistances be set up which does not work for the seriously mentally ill who require protections in the community and a letting of the mentally ill be the individuals who they are as long as they are safe for themselves and others which Michel Foucault had less than zip interest in furthering.

60’s radical liberators of the mentally ill did zip for the mentally ill. President Kennedy’s plan for the mentally ill, which was philosophically shallow, never funded properly and co-opted by various professions for the benefit of various professions was the most sensible and helpful program put forward for the mentally ill in the 60’s.

Gregory Bateson’s Double Bind Theory of schizophrenia

Gregory Bateson

In the 50’s and 60’s Gregory Bateson advanced the notion that individuals being in double binds, that is being in situations where there are conflicting messages, could lead to schizophrenia. Gregory Bateson was working at the Veterans Administration when he developed his notion of the double bind and schizophrenia. Gregory Bateson pushed that understanding the theory of types was key to understanding schizophrenia.

Situations where there are conflicting messages can be upsetting even very upsetting, however, these situations do not lead to schizophrenia. If this were so every one who was on the Internet would have schizophrenia. Now, there is evidence that every one on the Internet is upset but this does not translate to everyone on the Internet having schizophrenia.

A strange fact about Gregory Bateson is Gregory Bateson must have known the double bind theory of schizophrenia was mistaken. Gregory Bateson’s ideas had a cult following but individuals in academia were always telling Gregory Bateson he was mistaken. Gregory Bateson must have been aware that he was in the midst of a situation where there were conflicting messages but Gregory Bateson would also have known that he did not have schizophrenia.

Theory of mind in schizophrenia

Various psychologists hold that individuals with schizophrenia have difficulties with grasping mental states of other individuals which goes under the rubric of theory of mind (ToM). This is not correct.

Individuals with schizophrenia are thinking about everything all the time. For the most part other individuals do not want to talk about everything all the time.

What individuals with schizophrenia have difficulties with is grasping what is in the attentions of other individuals. By and large conversation resides around what is in attentions and this is where individuals with schizophrenia have difficulties.

There are so many difficulties in schizophrenia that separating out the difficulties presents difficulties. Disorganization can be prominent in schizophrenia and one could hold with this disorganization that individuals with schizophrenia have very rudimentary ToM, however, the disorganization can be widespread. There is zip specific to ToM to this disorganization.

Individuals with schizophrenia can hit some sore spots with other individuals when talking about everything all the time. Individuals with schizophrenia then can become paranoid about what other individuals are thinking. The fails are not fails in ToM but rather in schizophrenia conversations are warped away from useful, pleasant or routine.

If someone were to say to President Biden, who by the way I think is doing a terrific job, that ‘politicians are the problem not the solution’ then future conversations with President Biden would be warped away from conversations that went anywhere. However, over the last few decades, there has been political gridlock in the US which President Biden is certainly aware of. The problem would then not be strictly fails in ToM but rather that conversations are warped away from useful, pleasant or routine conversations. The warping away from useful, pleasant or routine conversations in schizophrenia are not fails in ToM but rather is due to the setting up of paranoid feedback loops which basically arise due to individuals with schizophrenia wanting to talk about everything all the time rather than talk on what is in attentions.

Family turns to the system for help with their non-violent schizophrenic father

The family wants dad, who has schizophrenia, to take his medication. Dad is non-violent The family asks some one who knows zip about dad and his medications to drop by and encourage dad to take his medications. That dad has a knife is mentioned. Dad is shot and killed on his prayer rug in his apartment by police. The officer in charge had been concerned that Ejaz Choudry was at risk of self-harm. Problem solved.

When a knife was mentioned the police were going to be called. Turning to the police is a last resort only to be taken when life and limb are threatened. This death was totally unnecessary. The police made a Hollywood blockbuster entry into the apartment from the balcony. Minimally this elderly man could have been shot in the legs. The police had time to taser him and fire rubber bullets. The family do not get a pass. Calling the police, who will be armed, to get someone to take meds is the worst way imaginable to get an ill relative to take medications.

Deleuze and Guattari and ‘Capitalism and Schizophrenia’

Deleuze and Guatarri

A podcast about Deleuze and Guatarri and Capitalism and Schizophrenia. There is apparently zip about capitalism or schizophrenia in Capitalism and Schizophrenia. Being rhizome-like will supposedly assist one into breaking through to new ways of thinking and living is all I can get. A movie, Nomadland is a portrait of current day rhizomes. One can be very sympathetic to drifters and even applaud drifters who make the most of very trying situations without holding that drifters are breaking on through to new thriving ways of life.

Disorganization is perhaps the worst symptom of schizophrenia. The rhizomatic philosophy of Capitalism and Schizophrenia attempts to valorize disorganization. Consulting Deleuze and Guatarri about the treatment of schizophrenia, how to run an economy or how to live life would have been disastrous. Capitalism and Schizophrenia is a water smudged postcard from the 60’s with almost illegible handwriting found behind some postal machine but no one lives at the recipient’s address and the postcard is now undeliverable.

I am not suggesting that critical theory has become more sensible but there are more current works in critical theory just as nonsensical as Capitalism and Schizophrenia that can be used to push individuals into very difficult ways of living. Critical theory is always innovating new nonsense. Deleuze committed suicide by jumping out of the window of his Parisian apartment.