Religion, psychosis and kneeling in pews

Individuals with psychotic disorders can have a range of views on religion and whether there is a God. Some are fervent atheists. Many individuals with major mental illnesses view the injustices of the major mental illnesses to be just too great to overcome for there to be a God. What religious ethics say are appropriate ways to behave are impossible to adhere to. I am not talking about the seriously mentally ill committing crimes but rather the tendency of the seriously mentally ill not being able to do a lot of things that individuals are supposed to do in life like have families, contribute to society etc. Belief in Jesus does not bring peace to the mentally ill. However, many individuals with psychotic disorders are very religious.

I don’t think many individuals are impressed with proofs of God’s existence. I, however, do not think the facts rule out there being a God. The universe, and there could be multiverses, popping into existence from a spec a billion and billion of times smaller than a grain of sand is more mysterious than there being a God. Apparently a lot of the physical constants of the universe are so fine tuned that the particular physical constants that the universe has, which are needed for there to be a universe and for there to be life, are so improbable that there being a God to set the physical constant of the universe is very far from senseless.

Still I think the major determinant of religious belief is religious experience. Individuals with psychotic disorders most definitely can have religious experiences. However with psychotic disorders novel theological doctrines are almost inevitable. Amidst churches novel religious doctrines are very frequently not appreciated.

Though individuals with psychotic disorders can believe in God I think very few are comfortable sitting and kneeling in pews. I do not think individuals with psychotic disorders are all that welcome in pews either. Novel theological views are not appreciated in individuals who are sitting and kneeling in pews.

1 thought on “Religion, psychosis and kneeling in pews

  1. Very insightful look into two important issues: mental health and religion. I agree that most mentally ill people wouldn’t be welcomed into church especially if they hold novel theological ideas which is unfortunate.


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