Madness an Civilization by Michel Foucault in a nutshell

Michel Foucault

Over the last 400 hundred years the basic flaw in human in nature has been characterized in various ways and there have been different improvement regimes for the mentally ill depending on what was held to be the basic flaw in human nature.What ever was wrong with people was tripily wrong with the mentally ill. What ever improvement regimes were recommended for people were tried on the mentally ill to the point of torture Torture in one form or another has for the last four hundred years always been countenanced for the mentally ill. Madness and Civilization is shallow history given weight by an obscure writing style which is not to say that Foucault was wrong.

What did Michel Foucault do for the mentally ill? Zip as far as I can tell. He wrote Madness and Civilization, acquired a mantle of liberator and then advocated that thousands of different resistances be set up which does not work for the seriously mentally ill who require protections in the community and a letting of the mentally ill be the individuals who they are as long as they are safe for themselves and others which Michel Foucault had less than zip interest in furthering.

60’s radical liberators of the mentally ill did zip for the mentally ill. President Kennedy’s plan for the mentally ill, which was philosophically shallow, never funded properly and co-opted by various professions for the benefit of various professions was the most sensible and helpful program put forward for the mentally ill in the 60’s.

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