Family turns to the system for help with their non-violent schizophrenic father

The family wants dad, who has schizophrenia, to take his medication. Dad is non-violent The family asks some one who knows zip about dad and his medications to drop by and encourage dad to take his medications. That dad has a knife is mentioned. Dad is shot and killed on his prayer rug in his apartment by police. The officer in charge had been concerned that Ejaz Choudry was at risk of self-harm. Problem solved.

When a knife was mentioned the police were going to be called. Turning to the police is a last resort only to be taken when life and limb are threatened. This death was totally unnecessary. The police made a Hollywood blockbuster entry into the apartment from the balcony. Minimally this elderly man could have been shot in the legs. The police had time to taser him and fire rubber bullets. The family do not get a pass. Calling the police, who will be armed, to get someone to take meds is the worst way imaginable to get an ill relative to take medications.

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