External points of view and the treatment of psychoses

Psychological treatment of psychoses is very counterproductive. Individuals with psychoses are already too much in their heads. Treatment that assists patients take external perspectives on their illness can be very helpful. With external perspectives patients would be looking at how aspects of the world negatively or positively affect his or her illness. Patients can learn that by taking medications that patients can be safe for themselves and others which is very great relief to patients. Patients can learn to watch out for stressors that negatively affect his or her illness.

Family members not trying to get into the heads of mentally ill relatives would contribute a lot to the treatment of ill relatives as ill relatives appropriately take external perspectives on their illnesses. Familes could learn that invasions of personal spaces of individuals with can negatively affect illnesses of individuals.

Patients taking external perspectives on their illlness is not a cure for psychoses but rather is a way to manage psychoses. Patients in their personal spaces could still be dealing with the liminal in ways that would not stand up to rationale criticisms. As long patients are safe for themselves and others and are handling stressors appropriately that patients still can be strange is not to the point.

Only patients can address the liminal. Psychological explorations of the liminal of patients by therapists are very counterproductive. Therapists should take external views on how patients are handling their illnesses. How the liminal is addressed by patients can be very important for patients but explorations of the liminal must me taken alone though amidst such journeys patients must always be safe for themselves and others.

Patients need not always be addressing their illnesses from external perspectives. Friends and family should listen to viewpoints of individuals with mental illnesses. and be accepting of some strangeness of individuals with psychotic disorders. Lots of what ill relatives and ill friends say should not be charged to mental illness.

In sum in terms of treatment taking external views of major mental illnesses is always to be prefered to internal or psychological treatments of major mental illnesses. However, the mentally ill amidst treatmemts, which look at what is external, will very frequently be on Secret Journeys.

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