The problem with RD Laing

RD Laing was frequently correct about how terrible others were treating indivduals with psychoses but then Laing went on to make his own mistakes as to treatment. Individuals with psychoses are very frequently on Secret Journeys, however, these secret journeys can only be taken alone. Individuals amidst psychoses grasp the World as being totally inside their heads so to be a personal guide one would have to know everything that the individual with a psychosis knows which is impossible. There can be constraints placed on how these secret journeys proceed, individuals must be safe for themselves and others, but personally guiding these secret journeys are impossible. Personal guides for these secret journeys are very frequently themselves deluded. Perhaps there can be teachers of a way but these teachers would be teachers of a way rather than personal guides along a way. There would have to be something impersonal about these teachers and their teachings. Laing wanted to be a personal guide for secret journeys and cured no one. Enriched, safe residential housing without Laingian therapy, cannabis and LSD, could have been of assistance.

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