The dangers of journaling for individuals with psychotic disorders

Almost always journaling is a way to explore one’s mind which is disastrous for individuals with psychotic disorders. Individuals with psychotic disorders are already too much in their heads. Journaling for individuals with psychotic disorders can lead individuals down rabbit holes which lead to abysses. If one decides to journal one should never journal using an online program. Even if one is not being spied on from the Web, which is not at all unlikely these days, individuals with psychotic disorders will think they are being spied on given they use an online resources to journal. There is no safe place on the Web.

People with psychotic disorders can be creative, write books, paint pictures etc but such works should basically be kinds of exorcisms rather than be ‘depth explorations’ of minds. These works should be created in private so online resources should not be used to create these works. These works can, of course, be published once finished and after much careful consideration.

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