Phenomenology and schizophrenia

An article is Schizophrenia Bulletin argues that a phenomenological approach has to be taken up once again in regards to schizophrenia. Phenomenology has a very humanistic ring which is basically the selling point of phenomenology in regards to schizophrenia.

In a fundamental sense psychoses of individuals cannot be be grasped by other individuals. In schizophrenia the world is grasped as totally inside one’s head and what is more with a Zeus-like overview of the world comes great wherewithal. Individuals on locked hospital wards can experience themselves as wielding great powers from perches above all events of the world.

A lot of what individuals with schizophrenia say can make sense as global judgements of individuals in any station of life can make sense. I can hold that COVID-19 is a terrible disaster that requires social distancing and a mass vaccination program and I would be right even though I am not Dr. Anthony Fauci. So global views of individuals with schizophrenia can make sense but the views are frequently not to the point in given conversations.

Though the rallying cry of phenomenology is ‘to the things themselves’ phenomenological analysis moves away from ‘the things themselves’ at light speed. In practice phenomenological analysis piles abstraction upon abstractions upon abstractions which no one needs and which individuals amidst psychoses most definitely do not need. See the philosophy of Edmund Husserl, who was the founder of phenomenology, on how phenomenology only leads to endless abstractions. Edmund was always beginning yet again in his phenomenological analyses.

Humanism definitely has a place in the treatment of schizophrenia but what humanism demands is the lowest effective dosages of medications be used so individuals with schizophrenia are safe for themselves and others, calls for allowances for neurodiversity and very importantly humanism calls for housing. Professionals to talk to who would provide provide supportive care but who would not pretend to get at the psychological bases of schizophrenia would also be nice. Office visit humanism that is only office visit humanism is not humanism.

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