Only picking up prescriptions at mental health clinics can be very difficult

Mental health cilnics will frequently offer a variety of services. Individuals going to mental health clinics can see a variety of individuals. Individuals can see therapists, med nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, peer support specialists, attend groups headed by group therapists etc. Fine. Some individuals appreciate and benefit from the broad range of services provided by mental health clinics.

On the other hand many individuals with mental illness are very wary of the mental health system. This is perhaps unfortunate but it is a fact. Say an individual only wants to pick up some prescriptions. He or she knows that he or she is ill but wants minimal contacts with the mental health system. Only getting prescriptions at mental health clinics is almost impossible despite the fact that medications are the cornerstone of treatment.

Mental health clinic adminstrators see clients as income streams. The more services used the more billable hours. Demanding that clients use all the services available can get in the way of individuals with major mental illnesses getting prescriptions for medications which are the cornerstone of the treatment.

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