Mental health clinics – now a very weak link in the mental health system

Mental health clinic admistrators are pro maximizing billed hours. Lots of services are offered. Mental health clinic administrators are always telling funding authorities that the programs really do work and that individuals can go back to work with the services offered though a broad range of services are required, however, psychiatrists are not required.

Given someone has a psychotic disorder then the pyschotherapist will want to delve into that psychosis. Given the zeitgeist individuals with psychoses are expected to admit to entertaining very dark scenarios and if they don’t they are fit for work. If they talk extensively about various dark scenarios the treatment team can re-arrange the brain chemistry in all sorts of unpleasant ways. To avoid really terrible re-arrangements of brain chemistry individuals must use all the services of the mental health clinic and must see the benefit of the services with indviduals then fit to work. The threat of re-arrangemets of brain chemistry are always the sword of Damocles that hangs over the heads of individuals with psychotic disorders at mental health clinics.

What is the best kind of treatment for psychotic disorders? Not too much treatment and not too little treatment which is almost impossible to get at mental health clinics. Most individuals with schizohprenia even with the best treatment are disabled and unable to work which is not to say that treatment cannot be of terrific assistance. .

Parents could band together approach mental health clinics tell the clinics that their sons or daughters are disabled but that they do not want their children overdosed. Maybe then mental health clinics could become warms places for individuals with psychotic disorders, rather than pressure cookers, to the benefit of all.

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