Lack of insight in schizophrenia need not be total

When there is lack of insight in schizophrenia that lack of insight is very frequently not total. Indivduals who lack insight is some areas can possess insight in other areas. Individuals who lack insight can be viewed as living in different epistemolgical universes but can live at the same moral universe as other indivduals. Individuals who lack insight can grasp that they must be safe for themselves and others which is the key fact to look for. Moral arguments of the mentally ill should be taken seriously and be accepted if the demands of such arguements are not onerous.

Indivduals with serious mental illnesses should be given a lot of control of their personal spaces as frequently control over personal spaces allows individuals with mental illnesses to deal with the liminal. See The Collected Schizophrenias by Esmé Weijun Wang for more on the liminal. The world being totally in the head of indivduals with serious mental illnesses gives such indivduals some control over the world where the world can be addressed by such individuals addressing their personal spaces. These strategies may not be totally rationale but these strategies can help individuals with major mental illnesses manage their illnesses.

When indivduals with major mental illnesses are allowed to address the liminal via addressing their personal spaces then their world is not so crazy which is of benefit to all.

Found object artworks are apparently addressing the World in some strange and mysterious way. Found object artworks do make sense to the artist but that sense is very difficult to decode for other individuals. Likewise how indivduals with psychoses are addressing their personal spaces can be difficult to decode. Still both constructing found object artworks and addressing personal spaces in mysterious ways can be cathartic and beneficial to artists and those who ‘lack insight’.

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