Joker, a movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, is supposedly about mental illness, at least according to this review, but Joker has zip relevance to mental illness. In Joker Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck as a blob of discontent. Arthur Fleck is a DC Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures construct based upon the notion that a very bleak movie derived from a comic book character could gain a big box office which was correct in 2019.

Joker is absurd. Joker shows large numbers of extras enjoying pointless mob ultra violence. Mobs enjoying pointless mob ultra violences are movie constructs not seen in 3-D. A top criticism of mob violences is that mob violences are pointless while mobs hold mob violences make points. Mob violences do have points, however, such points cannot be accepted. Being of mobs is not enjoyable rather ‘individuals’ who are of mobs are terrifically upset.

Box office totals basically state less then zip about what individuals desire in 3-D. For example, in the past movies showing near apocalypses frequently had big offices with many individuals apparently hugely applauding near apocalypses but individuals are not even slightly smiling at the COVID-19 pandemic. Basically individuals are not pro doing what is now shown in movies. Joker is a stylish piece showing ultra violence and zip else.

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