Forced hospitalizations of individuals with schizophrenia by family members

Sometimes the police, who very hopefully have been trained in how to deal with individuals having mental health crises, must be called. If someone with a mental illness is violent, threatening violence or is talking of suicide then outside authorities must be called. That said once the police have been called all trust in relatives by the individual with mental illness is usually lost. Calling the police on ‘cracked’ harmless individuals only sets the stage for future disasters. Treatment of schizophrenia very, very frequently does not uncrack individuals. Individuals in treatment for schizophrenia can learn how to manage their illnesses, which takes time, but treatment given at a hospital does not ‘solve the problem’ and put individuals back on courses veered from due to ‘biochemical imbalances’ righted by medications.

A very frequent news story is ‘I tried to get my son treatment just as advised over the entire Web and my son was shot dead by the police.’ Absolute disasters can be avoided and should be avoided by calling the police but relations with the mentally ill relative will likely be damaged for a very long time after the police are called.

Short term mental hospitals are just holding facilities where individuals are stabilized on medications. There are some arts and crafts activities but there is not extensive treatment. Ill relatives will come home from the hospital much the same except for being toned down and lacking in trust of relatives.

Lots and lots of calls to the police involve mental health crises. Dedicated teams that only answer mental health calls would be very helpful and would seem to be a very obvious answer especially in large cities.

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