Costs of long term mental hospitals

Florida State Mental Hospital Chattahoochee,

Reported in a South Florida Sun Sentinel story dated February 27, 1990

Costs at Florida State Chattahoochee – $85 million at $68,300 per patient per year..

Five of the largest mental hospitals in Texas, all accredited, serve an average of 478 patients at about $54,560 a year per client, while New York’s largest mental hospital — Pilgrim Psychiatric Center on Long Island — spends about $49,000 per patient.

At Elgin Mental Health Center, Illinois’ largest mental hospital, the state spends about $54,500 per patient.

How are Florida State Mental Hospitals doing today? Florida state mental hospitals are still violent and deadly. Measures have been taken to control costs at Florida mental hospitals with $100 million recently cut from mental hospitals in Florida. How are patients doing? Florida state mental hospitals are now chaotic where patients are insane, invisible and in danger.

State mental hospitals are very frequently terrible places to be. Residential mental health treatment centers are facilities in which patients both live and receive mental health treatment. Residential mental health treatment centers are a very attractive option with one large caveat.

For residential mental health treatment centers prices range from $10,000-60,000 per month or ($320-1,930 per day) for psychiatric residential treatment facilities.

Maybe privatizing long term mental hospitals is the answer. Not in the state of Washington

Long term mental hospitals that provide excellent care, paid for by the government where costs are kept down and patients are put back on track for fullfilling lives are the Perfect Solution except for one thing. Such hospitals are impossible.

Closing down the mental hospitals was not the problem. Long term mental hospitals for mental illness should be reserved for those who are a long term danger to themselves or others and should be safe, caring places. The problem was that housing in the community was not provided for individuals who left hospitals. And as it turns out just picking up prescriptions from mental health clinics, with prescriptions being the cornerstone of treatment is very, very difficult.

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