Antipsychotics are not antipsychotics but rather are neuroleptics

Given one is being treated for a psychotic disorder on ‘antipsychotic dosages’ after one is able to have simple normal conversations thinking can still be very disturbed. If one lies down, closes one’s eyes and lets one’s mind wander one will notice that thinking is still very disturbed. Anti-psychotics are ineffective as antipsychotics. Anti-psychotics are only neuroleptics. Anti-psychotics camouflage a psychosis.

Parents should know that anti-psychotics only camouflage a psychosis. A child with a psychotic disorder who is on anti-psychotics who at last can have simple normal conversations is in a probability still completely disabled. Coaching a child about getting ‘back on track’ after the child is stabilized on ‘anti-psychotic dosages’ will very frequently be counter productive. Negative symptoms are immensely troubling but there is very little to say about them as there is no psychology behind them but with negative symptoms all motivation is gone.

The bottom line is that with a schizophrenia that has persisted for a couple of years even given a child is able to have simple normal conversations the child with the psychotic disorder will still be disabled. The only individuals who hold antipsychotics are very effective are individuals who have a financial interest in spinning that antipsychotics are very effective. Antipsychotics are only neuroleptics.

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