Bleuler disease

Names of illnesses appropriately do not channel views of illnesses down preset paths whereby neutral terms are appropriately used as names for illnesses. Paul Eugen Bleuler picked the term ‘schizophrenia’ as ‘schizophrenia’ denotes ‘split mind’. Rather than the ‘mind’ being split individuals with the illness all too frequently try to say everything at once. The nonsense that has been penned about negative symptoms also stems from texts of Bleuler. Negative symptoms can be very painful. What is painful to patients is not an absence to patients. Bleuler clearly had zip grasp of the illness. ‘Bleuler disease’ is a term that is neutral in regards to ‘schizophrenia’ as zip is said about the illness by the term.

Using the term ‘Bleuler disease’ would also be cathartic in terms of the terrible mischaracterizations of ‘schizophrenia’ that have occurred over the last 100 years. Leaving ‘Bleuler’ of ‘Bleuler disease’ a non-possessive is a key to ‘Bleuler disease’ being a term is neutral and also cathartic. In a real sense individuals with schizophrenia are plagued by the mischaracterizations of ‘Bleuler disease’. Better to be open about this.

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