The ‘romanticized’ aspects of ‘A Beautiful Mind’

The ‘romanticized’ aspects of ‘A Beautiful Mind’ deliver the most important and helpful message of ‘A Beautiful Mind’ for individuals with schizophrenia. Paranoid delusions can take a shape where the direction of the delusions can tend tend towards ultimate Good or be pushing individuals towards a bottomless abyss. John Nash chose to save the World from a nuclear holocaust by stopping suitcase nuclear bombs from entering the US. Efforts to save the World even if woefully misguided produce one kind of individual, the kind of individual who can win the Nobel Prize and do seminal work in mathematics. Once individuals with schizophrenia were shamans and prophets. Now the only roles allowed individuals with schizophrenia are ‘dangerous mindless individuals who walk the streets endlessly trying to evade being harvested by Evil Powers’ and passive clinic patients who do exactly as told by the individuals on his or her psychiatric team. Individuals with schizophrenia are shaped by how the World sees individuals with schizophrenia. The endless trashing of individuals with schizophrenia over the last 50 years has had very negative effects on how individuals with schizophrenia grasp themselves to the detriment of all. A Beautiful Mind has had a very postitve effect.

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