Being ghettoized by schizophrenia

Frequently, especially on the Web, when one has a major mental illness one is pushed to be always addressing what being mentally ill is like. On social media I was pushed to only talk about by my mental illness, effectively ghettoized by my mental illness. I always knew I was very ill but I hated to talk about symptoms as I was already too much in my head. I developed other interests. I developed an interest is neurological illnesses and I wrote a sci-fi novel, Republic of Helios. There is a benefit to being paranoid. Everything is interesting as everything is part of the Plot. I developed a liking for answers than answered everything. I also became very interested in what Justice demands as life appeared to be terrifically unfair.

Telling symptoms to MDs is needed so one can get appropriate treatment but always talking about symptoms is boring and not useful.

I now think that social media is flat out mean to everyone. One is pushed to toe some accepted line otherwise there are infinite snarky comments off to the side. I can see a day 30 years from now when no one is on social media as being on social media is so very frequently a loosing proposition.

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