Having tremendous wherewithal while being totally isolated

In schizophrenia there is no sense that the World is outside. With the World totally inside one’s head apparently one has great wherewithal. Everything is so close and what is close one can exert power over. For someone in the grips of a powerful psychosis thinking that he or she has tremendous powers is a sensible reaction. The basic mistake is that in a psychosis there in no away. That there is not an away is not due to some irrational belief but rather is a lived reality.Two hundred years ago someone in the grips of a psychosis holding that he was Napoleon was a sensible reaction to a very strongly felt reality. Barack Obama held that as President he had a great responsibility as he was in control of various events around the World. The mad individual on a mission to save the World is doing so as he or she holds she has a great responsibility due to the tremendous wherewithal of the mad individual which is of course not at actual reality but rather only a felt reality. John Nash was determined to stop suitcase atomic bombs from entering the US. The felt reality of John Nash was that he could stop an atomic holocaust and he so acted. Individuals who are psychotic can and frequently are very moral individuals.

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